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It’s easy to reserve online or through Bookatable. Please understand that due to logistical reasons, we are unable to promise a specific room or table.


If online reservations are not possible, please call us directly. Our team is available to take your requests. Tel: +43 662 84 12 68-0

Your special moment in Salzburg

Experience more than 1,200 years of hospitality and wine culture in Europe’s oldest restaurant. Today we offer four ways to experience St. Peter Stiftskulinarium: in our Restaurant, with our food and wine series Connaisseur, with our special events division Momentum, and our Catering services. We invite you to celebrate and indulge, laugh and create memories, broaden your horizons and learn, relax, amuse and above all — enjoy yourself. In other words: create your own special moments.

  • It’s everything but the ordinary: There is no equal to our award-winning kitchen, world-class wine expertise and historic ambiance.

  • We offer an unforgettable location combined with masterful event management – for all types of affairs, business and personal.

  • Our mobile hospitality unit is a complete orchestra of restaurant, event and logistics professionals, working together in smooth and seamless precision.

  • Exclusive menus, seminars and culinary events for bon vivants who desire the finest delicacies, noble vintages and specialty products.

July Menus

Summer in Salzburg

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Others go on vacation, we bring the holiday to St. Peter's Stiftskulinarium. Do you have a longing for the sea? Freshwater friends like our fish specialties, such as confected Arctic char. Those who prefer to drive into the summer resort, will never taste the first porcini mushrooms of the season. French specialties (black-feathered chicken) and Spanish flavors (gazpacho) are also featured in our summer menu. The best part: You do not have to decide on a holiday destination - in our restaurant in Salzburg you can enjoy all at the same time! 

Liquid gold

from Italys olive groves & Wines from Lake Garda up to Mount Etna
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July 2018

In July, two of the world’s oldest crops meet: olive trees and grapevines. Like the country’s wine, Italy’s olive oil production is steeped in tradition that spans several millennia. Our specialty olive oil selections are produced according to the Veronelli Manifesto Process: highly specific methods of sorting, pitting and pressing, which increase the proportion of healthy polyphenols. This method produces such delicate, refined flavors that the oils are only used raw, not for cooking.

Our expert sommeliers have chosen wines from the unique microclimates surrounding Lake Garda to the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the volcanic terroir of Sicily, which create a beautiful, aromatic symbiosis with the exquisite oils infused in our menu dishes.

With distinction