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Experience more than 1,200 years of hospitality and wine culture in Europe’s oldest restaurant. Today we offer four ways to experience St. Peter Stiftskulinarium: in our Restaurant, with our food and wine series Connaisseur, with our special events division Momentum, and our Catering services. We invite you to celebrate and indulge, laugh and create memories, broaden your horizons and learn, relax, amuse and above all — enjoy yourself. In other words: create your own special moments.

  • It’s everything but the ordinary: There is no equal to our award-winning kitchen, world-class wine expertise and historic ambiance.

  • We offer an unforgettable location combined with masterful event management – for all types of affairs, business and personal.

  • Our mobile hospitality unit is a complete orchestra of restaurant, event and logistics professionals, working together in smooth and seamless precision.

  • Exclusive menus, seminars and culinary events for bon vivants who desire the finest delicacies, noble vintages and specialty products.

March Menus

Winter Specialties

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What tickles the taste buds during the dark months? We’ve asked our ‘curators of pleasure’ to select culinary treasures to perk-up your palate: From Angus Beef and Wild Hare to Squab and wild-caught Walleye. Not to forget our vegetarian interpretations…we expect to elicit many more Ooohs and Ahhhs from our flavorful friends rutabaga and endive this season.

Baroque Cuisine

... and Wines from Cloisters and Castles
Klöster und Schlösser
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March 2018

Baroque cuisine is one of stark extremes: from bountiful plates of roasted and braised meats, with sumptuous poultry and artfully decorated savory pies that evoke the time period’s ornate, opulent reputation; to the pauper’s simple but hearty soups and stews. Our contemporary interpretation of historic recipes reexamines long overlooked delicacies like capon and snipes, and highlights the most fashionable ingredient of the time – the lemon.

After several early periods of cultivation by Celts and Romans, the Cistercian monks in particular contributed to the spread of viticulture in Austria. They made river valleys arable, created terraced crops, and experimented with winemaking techniques. Even today, monastery wineries enjoy an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. In tune with our baroque creations, our sommeliers present selections of refined elegance from the Göttweig Abbey’s cellars and the vineyards of St. Peter's Abbey.


Gift Card Promotion Weeks

8. January - 29. April 2018
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When you redeem a gift card from January 8 - March 18 and April 3 - 29, 2018, we will add an additional 20% to the original value of the voucher.

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