The sky is the limit for gourmands who appreciate the finest food and drink. A “Connoisseur Selections Menu” offers diners a truly unrivaled experience with seasonal delicacies and matching wines. Our Connoisseur guests may enjoy private wine tasting seminars alongside a calendar of culinary events and exclusive presentations by master craftsmen and artisans.

Restaurant Salzburg


The Subtle Sense of Wine

Taste, smell, feel and see with all the senses. One does not drink wine to quench the thirst, but to recognize and enjoy wine’s true essence. This is an art form with its own philosophy – not to mention, a true pleasure for the palate. This is what our top-flight sommelier Rakhshan Zhouleh shares in his “Weinsinn” seminars.[show_more more=more… less=…less align=”center” color=”#96825a” line-height= “1.5”]

According to individual wishes, we will discover different wine regions and their typical aromas. We teach color, scent and taste and learn how a wine’s bouquet reflects its unique climate, terroir and variety. We open our precious wine vault and taste premium wines from select estates with the highest standards. Our individual wine and Champagne tastings are available by request.[/show_more]

Sense of Wine


Where life is celebrated, wine cannot be missing. At the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, we invite you to our extraordinary wine tasting in Salzburg, where you will embark on an exciting journey of discovery through the world of wine, accompanied by top sommeliers. Our wine seminars are aimed at wine lovers as well as connoisseurs who want to experience an exquisite gourmet experience in Salzburg. For this purpose we open our imposing wine cellar, while our renowned sommelier Rakhshan Zhouleh with great dedication passes on his knowledge about wine in theory and practice in an entertaining and impressive way. With sense and understanding, with dedication and full concentration, but above all with a lot of fun and enthusiasm for flavors. With different combinations and surprises you will taste, smell, feel, see and experience with all your senses exclusive fine drops of small wineries in our wine tasting. If you enjoy wine, want to expand your understanding of wine and learn with like-minded wine friends, our wine seminar in Salzburg is the right place for you.

In gourmet gastronomy, a sommelier usually selects wines to match the menu. But at the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg, we like to turn this traditional concept around! As part of our Connoisseur Wine Seminar series, our chef takes his cue from the exquisite wines that our sommelier Rakhshan Zhouleh has selected for the wine tasting. For those fine drops, the team of our award-winning gourmet kitchen creates the appropriate epicurean accompaniment. A gourmet and wine seminar concept that is unique in Salzburg! Because wine is so much more than an alcoholic beverage. Wine as a cultural asset tells stories and our sommelier Rakhshan Zhouleh tells you these stories with passion! Rakhshan Zhouleh, three times “German Sommelier of the Year”, is an internationally recognized luminary. Like no other, he knows how to combine pleasure and background in our wine seminar in Salzburg in an extraordinary way and always put it into a seasonal and regional context.