Event Location Salzburg Peter
Brunch in Salzburg

Brunch at the Peter

At the Peter we love enjoyment at any time of day. The very best of breakfast and lunch is to be found here on your plate, surrounded by a dignified atmosphere, both light and hearty at the same time – culinary delights for everyone with coffee, tea and everything else that the gourmet’s heart desires!


10:00 a.m – 01:00 p.m

Event Location Salzburg

Later at the Peter

The perfect finish: And we take that literally! Convivial enjoyment in the evening at the Peter is a composition of the tuneful and the tasteful. Music lovers, wine connoisseurs and gourmets will get value for money here in the familiar relaxed Peter manner.

WEEKLY / regardless of the weather

thursday, friday & saturday

from 5:00 pm

“Reach only into the full
Human life! Everybody lives it,
not many people know it, and where
you get it, that’s where it’s interesting!”

Verse 167 ff. / Faust